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Beautiful Christmas tree and decorated living room with hardwood floors.

The holiday season in Austin brings with it a time of celebration, warmth, and gathering, and your home’s hard surface floors play a crucial role in setting the stage for these festive moments. At DECO Flooring, we believe in combining functionality with style, ensuring your floors are not just presentable, but also contribute to the holiday ambiance.

Evaluating Your Flooring in the Heart of Texas

As the holiday season approaches, take the time to assess the condition of your floors. Look for signs of wear, scratches, or any areas that need special care. In Austin’s diverse climate, your floors may have unique needs. A thorough assessment helps in planning effective cleaning and maintenance strategies. At DECO Flooring, we recommend considering a professional inspection for the best results.

Tailored Cleaning and Maintenance for Diverse Floor Types

Proper floor care is essential for a warm and inviting holiday home. For hardwood floors, use a specialized cleaner to preserve their natural beauty. Laminate floors require a gentler touch with a soft mop and suitable cleaner, while tile floors, particularly in high-traffic areas, may need extra attention to keep grout lines clean.

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your floors. Hardwood floors may benefit from a protective finish, while laminate and tile should be inspected for potential damage, ensuring they remain in top condition for your holiday gatherings.

Festive Decorating While Protecting Your Floors

Holiday decorating should not only be about aesthetics but also about protecting your floors. Use decorative rugs and mats to add a festive touch while safeguarding your floors from increased foot traffic. Choose options with non-slip backing to ensure safety for your guests.

When rearranging furniture for holiday events, use furniture pads to prevent scratches. For those planning to have a Christmas tree, consider a protective mat underneath to avoid any potential water damage.

DECO Flooring Services for the Perfect Holiday Setting

To get your floors holiday-ready, DECO Flooring in Austin offers a range of professional services. Our team is skilled in advanced cleaning techniques and uses eco-friendly products to ensure your floors are impeccably prepared for the festive season.

Looking to refresh your home’s look for the holidays? We offer a wide selection of modern and classic flooring options to enhance your holiday décor and overall ambiance.


Preparing your floors for the holiday season in Austin involves a combination of careful maintenance, strategic cleaning, and creative decoration. At DECO Flooring, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve a balance of beauty and functionality, ensuring your floors add to the warmth and charm of your holiday home. Visit us in Austin, TX, for a personal consultation or to explore our extensive range of flooring services and products. Let’s make your holidays merry, bright, and stylish, starting from the ground up!