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Kitchen in Austin, TX with Luxury VInyl Plank Flooring

Meta Description: Uncover the secrets of luxury vinyl tile plank with DECO Flooring in Austin, TX, and learn simple steps to keep it looking pristine for years.

In the ever-evolving world of home flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) plank stands out as a blend of sophistication, resilience, and versatility. At DECO Flooring in Austin, TX, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of LVT among homeowners who desire the elegance of hardwood or stone without the high maintenance or cost. This article dives into what LVT plank is and shares expert tips on maintaining its beauty and durability.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank?

Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank is a revolutionary flooring option that mimics the appearance of natural materials like wood and stone with astonishing accuracy. Manufactured using advanced photographic technologies, LVT comes with a realistic texture and color that can fool even the keenest eye. Beneath its decorative layer lies a core of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which provides strength, durability, and resistance to moisture.

Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, LVT planks offer a higher quality, both in look and feel. They are thicker, more comfortable underfoot, and come equipped with wear layers that protect the floor from scratches, dents, and stains. This makes LVT an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces, offering the luxurious appeal of natural flooring materials without their inherent drawbacks.

Maintaining Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank Flooring

Maintaining the beauty of your LVT flooring is straightforward, ensuring it remains an asset to your space for years to come. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your LVT in top condition:

1. Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning is key to maintaining the appearance of your LVT flooring. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the surface. For a deeper clean, use a damp mop with a mild cleaner specifically designed for vinyl flooring. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that can damage the wear layer.

2. Immediate Spill Cleanup

Spills should be wiped up promptly to prevent staining. Although LVT is highly resistant to moisture and stains, certain substances if left unattended can cause discoloration. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or mop is usually sufficient to keep your floor spotless.

3. Use Protective Pads

Furniture can cause scratches and indentations on your LVT flooring. To minimize damage, use protective pads under the legs of chairs, tables, and heavy furniture. These pads not only protect your floors but also make it easier to move furniture without scratching the surface.

4. Avoid Excessive Water

While LVT is water-resistant, excessive moisture can seep into the edges and under the planks, potentially damaging the subfloor or causing the tiles to warp. When mopping, use a well-wrung mop and ensure that any spills are dried promptly.

5. Professional Deep Cleaning

Consider a professional deep cleaning occasionally to rejuvenate your LVT flooring. Professional cleaners can safely remove built-up grime and restore the shine to your floors without damaging the protective layer.

At DECO Flooring in Austin, TX, we believe that luxury vinyl tile plank is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a balance between luxury and practicality. With its realistic appearance, durability, and easy maintenance, LVT allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural flooring without the hassle. Following these simple maintenance tips will ensure your luxury vinyl tile plank flooring remains a stunning and durable feature of your home for many years.